Maldives II – At the Beach

So, off we were on our bikes. As soon as we got off the stilted on-water wooden platform on to the island, amidst the trees, stood a red phone booth. It looked like it had stepped of Dicken’s London and was now by a beach. The phone home as they call it, looked stunning by the beach and it lets you make free calls to anyone across the globe. Next to it stood a huge display of #SMILE ALL THE STAY. These little touches were just brilliant.

At the Westernmost tip of the island

On with our bikes through the narrow sandy lanes of the island. It took us a long time to bike as at every corner we would stop and marvel at the view. We had now passed the lobby and here, surrounded by silver sands and gorgeous sandbanks was a glittering lagoon. Adjacent to the lagoon was the Veli Bar – a colorful, fun and lively all day casual eatery, a perfect spot to spend an afternoon. They serve more of an American fare with burgers and hotdogs.


SURF veli bar
The colorful Veli Bar

We grabbed ourselves something off the menu and sat at the beanbags here. The kids went paddle boating in the lagoon. The ripples of the rudder of the paddle boat disoriented the little fishes that were swimming around and they scattered like a splash of color dissipating in the water.

The kids were now famished. They came to us, quickly ordered for some food. After, hard paddling for almost an hour where they had virtually paddled across the entire lagoon area, we were pretty sure there were going to be quieter times but surprise surprise. They had regained all their expended energy and wanted to go to PLAY – the resort’s indoor kids play area. With a humongous pirate ship, a mini pool and an extensive list of offerings including many supervised outdoor activities; PLAY is a dedicated corner for the kids on the island. It is huge and there are loads of things to do for the kids.

With the kids busy, we biked across the island. It’s very slow and pretty difficult to ride a bike here as at every 50 meters you end up stopping to look at the stunning view and are left mesmerised. While you are on the bike, you are looking at whats around you more than looking ahead. Be it spotting a lone stork by waters on the east-side, the sunset at the westernmost corner or the white beach stretch in the middle of the island; extraordinary, to say the least.

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Our dinner was at Senses. Set by the beach, under open skies, the restaurant serves authentic Indian, Maldivian, Sri Lankan and Middle Eastern cuisine. If you are a fan of  seafood, the Maldivian cuisine here is most recommended

The following morning we went to Mixe – a thatched roof buffet restaurant for breakfast. As the festival season was around the corner, the restaurant was beautifully draped in Christmas colors. With jingles playing, there was a festive feeling in the air. It was magical. The breakfast spread was elaborate. Loved the  fruit corner where they would customise and serve the freshest fruit bowls, juices, smoothies as per your preference.

Photo by Rayan K

Off to the pool…The resort offers two exceptional infinity pools that overlook the Indian Ocean. Great fun

After a swim,  we went to the kid’s favourite spot on the island – the ICI shop. It is the resorts very own ice cream shop. Need not say more. Spent some time at the beach with the ice-lollies in our hand.

Nest to the ICI Shop and by the beach is Beach Rouge. With a bright, lively decor and mesmerising views, Beach Rouge is Lux’s Maldivian incarnation of a beach club. It offers jaw-dropping sunset views. The restaurant boasts of exquisite grills and delectable ceviche, they also have the best pizza on the island.

After an eventful day, a relaxing sunset cruise was in order. We went on a Dhoni – a traditional Maldivian wooden boat for a slow paced boat ride across the reef. The boat has a top deck where you can stretch and enjoy the astounding view.

Upon returning, we went to the East Market for some Asian cuisine and then to the East Bar, an over water hangout. Soon, we called it a day and started walking to our room. As we approached the stilted platform, we spotted an eagle ray in the water.

The Eagle  ray

This really got us excited. We grabbed on to a search light and waited at the overwater hammock in our room, anticipating that something would pass by. We couldn’t spot the eagle ray again but just as we were about to stop our quest, a huge STINGRAY passed by and till we we could pull out our cameras, it had eluded us.

We weren’t able to get a picture but seeing a sting ray was amazing. This was a perfect end to our day as we geared up for a Whale Shark expedition the following morning.


Our trip continues…stay with us

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