Road trip from London to Scotland (Legoland and the Lake District, Days 6-8)

Day 6

We went to Heathrow to pick up our rental car. With the usual checks were in place –  many pictures of the vehicle before taking over, a check on the conditions of the wheels and a check on the rental excess car hire insurance from third party providers viz., we drove to Windsor. At an hour’s drive from Heathrow, the Lego Land at Windsor is an absolutely fantastic amusement park and waterpark. It was a perfect day today, sunny, great fun for the kids.

Day 7

This marks the beginning of our road trip. After bidding an “until next time” to one of the most charismatic cities in the world, we were on course to the Lake District National Park; a four-hour drive from London to “the lap of nature”. We had booked our hotel at Ambelside, a really pretty part of the Lakes. After parking our luggage at the hotel, we went to the town of Windermere and spent the evening strolling through the magical lakeside town.

Pretty Windermere

Day 8

Today, was a very special day for us, we visited the world of Beatrix Potter in Windermere. Peter Rabbit is regular feature of our school mornings back home and it was Beatrix Potter’s time at the Lake District where she was inspired to write the tale of Peter Rabbit and brought the loveable character to life. Her time at the lakes developed here life long love for the countryside. A natural scientist, she wrote many children’s books featuring animals. The lakes and the countryside of the Lake District feature in all cartoons and movies of peter Rabbit. We loved the museum. It was very special. Immaculate attention to detail and very well maintained.

Peter Rabbit
Immaculate exhibits

After visiting the museum, we visited the local market. While we were walking through one of the bylanes, we discovered a small shop named Roly’s; they were cooking fresh chocolate fudge. They had various combinations and blends of the chocolate fudge, we sampled some and ended up buying a lot. I reckon it was the best chocolate fudge I have ever tasted and it was absolutely loved by the many for whom we carried it back with us. Get some fudge from Roly’s in the Windermere market. A must!

We spent sometime by the Windermere Lake, visited the popular Windermere Ice-cream. There are many shops selling items made from locally sourced materials in the market.

By the lakes

We, then drove to the Bowness Nab and took a short vehicle ferry across to the village of Sawrey. We visited the many pretty villages by the lakes, the sheep and the horses stroll  freely in the green forests and farms of the countryside and impromptu, they turn towards you; it is very amusing. We soon hit the freeway and after a picturesque three hour drive through the countryside, we were in Stirling, Scotland. We saw many sheep on the way, a dramatic change in the weather and the landscape, stronger accents and some fabulous fish and chips!

As you approach the Highlands

As we entered Stirling, the first thing we noticed was a massive castle sitting atop a hill surrounded by steep cliffs. The Stirling castle one of the largest and most important castles and a must visit, but we skipped it.

Checked in to our hotel. Ordered in dinner and called it a day.

Our trip continues, please visit our next blog:

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