Viva La Goa

After being tied to one end of a string for the better part of the year passed, we finally saw ourselves hail a cab to the airport. But of course, it had to be to our most loved Goa. What followed when we got there was a catharsis of sweet emotions. It had just been just so long since we were by a beach, strolled through the misty greens early in the morning with the gentle breeze from the sea caressing your face, play a game of frisbee in a tiny pool amidst perfect giggles.

It rained so hard on one of the days and we had to jump in the pool. It was reminiscent of childhood when it was such a thrill to go swimming as heavy droplets from the skies discombobulated the still surface of the water. Or go cycling…

Was it because we were indoors for a long time, was it because we tend to deeply appreciate when circumstances deem something to be elusive; I don’t know, all I know is that morning when we were walking through the gardens, we felt so connected and were extremely grateful for everything around us.

It was all so pretty. Precious memories.

Thank you @ Taj Exotica

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