The Taj Lands End, Mumbai

Analogous to its name, the Taj Lands end sits at the edge of one of the most pulsating suburbs of Mumbai. Almost at a vertex to the island of Bandra, it enjoys uninterrupted views of the Indian ocean on one hand and an incredible view of the skyline of a hyper metropolis on the other.

The lobby

An elaborate use of flowers and vibrant colors in the decor amplifies the fresh vibe of the hotel. In fact it is a distinct feature of the hotel that you’d notice as soon as you enter; Welcomed with the flowers! and they are with you everywhere, till you get to your room.


If you are looking through the lens of a camera from a window of the room here, the difference between calm to insane is just a few degrees. The dichotomy presented, albeit appalling, is insanely beautiful.

It is impossible to fathom that you’d be so close to one of the most pulsating cities of the world. As you cozy up with a drink by the pool, it almost instantly you are taken to a sea-side resort. You’d feel like you are so far from it all when at the back of your mind you’d realise that a 20 minute drive and you are in the bull pit!

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The warm and contemporary interiors of the hotel are plush to their very core and the rooms, pool, spa, et cetera are all you’d expect from a luxury hotel. As for the grub, on offer are incredible dining experiences curated by the best chefs of the city coupled with an uncompromising and impeccable service standard. If you are a fan of retro cocktails and live music, nothing beats the Sloan at the Atrium Bar & Lounge.

At dusk, the colorful the skies over the ocean are beautiful and as the night draws in, the the skyline of the city look magnificent as cars, like fire flies stream off the sea link.


With the night time illumination which includes a lot of flickering candles and oil lamps; the hotel looks gorgeous.

All in all, for travellers to the city, it is an excellent hotel in the heart of Mumbai and for fellow city dwellers, it is a perfect spot to get away from it all and unwind over a weekend. With an uncompromising attention to service, this place raises the bar high.



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