Maldives I – To the Beach

When a landing strip mysteriously appears form a turquoise blue coloured abyss, when you land at an international airport with beach sand all around, when you step out in the sun and hear a call from the beach even though you don’t see it; you would know that you have landed at a serious island destination.

The moment we touched down and stepped in the Maldivian Sun, everything around seemed to shout out “TO THE BEACH“. Even the folk at the immigration counter wanted the paperwork to be dealt with as soon as possible and set us on our way. Almost in an instant, we were able to march out of the tiny airport. We hopped onto our transfer and scooted towards our hotel in Male.

Next morning, bright and early, we got transferred to the Lux South Ari Atoll kiosk at the airport for our seaplane transfer checkin and then to the adjoining seaplane terminal.


It was incredibly captivating to see the seaplanes land, dock and take off, while we sipped on the most delectable coffee of Café Lux at the plush Lux lounge. Restlessly, we waited for our call to board.


When the epiphanic moment arrived, the kids charged and almost tackled the guy giving the call. We were led to a seaplane and as we entered the tiny cabin, the first thing that grabbed my attention was the lead pilot’s footgear –  Havaianas!

being led to seaplane

The kids jumped onto window seats. Once everybody was settled in, the pilot throttled up, the churn of propeller blades intensified and in an almost frictionless lift, we were airborne.


The view from the window was beyond incredible, as we glided over islands, canyons, sandbanks and resorts.

After a twenty minute journey, the pilot commenced the descent. A long island emerged from the silver sea below and upon touchdown, as the water sprayed by the pontoons dissipated, we could spot a string of over water cottages and people waving at us from an on water platform. We had arrived at Lux South Ari Atoll, Maldives.


The welcome party greeted us and led us to the lobby. The fresh spirited vibe at the bright and airy lobby was unmistakable . We sipped on our welcome drink while the kids nibbled on their ice-lollies.

Soon, we boarded a buggy and headed west of the two kilometer island. As we made our way through lush gardens laced with snowy white beaches, we got glimpses of the stunning ocean peeking from the spaces between the trees.

At the westernmost point of the island, on stilts over a glittering lagoon, are the over water villas. Away from the land, the overwater villas command a breathtaking view of the cerulean sea.


The boys spotted a black tip baby shark in the lagoon and went ballistic.

black tip

As we opened the door to our room, the glorious view left us stunned.

The bright interiors of the magnificent room blended in perfectly with the glorious view. While we were busy checking out our room, the the lack of any noise got us a little curious; the excited duo had sneaked out of the room on to deck, slung off their t-shirts and were quietly walking down the stairs of the villa that led to the lagoon. They were about to plunge in when they were interrupted; imagine the angst. Getting them in their swimming gear was perhaps the most challenging task of our trip.

rushing to take a dip

A little dip, a little chill, on to our bikes and off we were…

Our stay continues…

Please visit our next blog on Lux South Ari Atoll


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