The Magic Ingredient Sea – a family holiday in Mauritius (The North)

“We are going where the sun shines brightly, we are going where the sea is blue” from the song Summer Holiday by Cliff Richards was one my favourites growing up. Something about the jingle, whenever it plays, it brings back fondest memories from my early childhood, memories of our summer vacations at a beach town; the euphoria, the excitement, the chaos, the frolic and now, to see my children live through it and make memories of their own is extra-ordinary. No coincidence, we were listening to Summer Holiday while we were packing for our trip.

Our flight was on its final approach descent, a peek through the window and we were spell bound with the beautiful aerial views of ILE Maurice. There lay an expanse of turquoise blue with a scattered patchwork of green. The water was so inviting, one could have dived right in! Our youngest child even grabbed onto his backpack with his swimming gear, in anticipation.

On landing, the usual parental algorithmic mechanism of running, chasing, simmering and calming after a longish flight was at play (If you have children you know what I say). It helped that the “visa on arrival” immigration process was very efficient and we were out in no time. As we exited the airport, the sunglasses were out and we were excited, RESFEBER

Our holiday begins:)

The North

We had reserved a serviced apartment in Trou-aux-Biches in the North of the island. From the airport, it took us around 90 minutes to reach the North, as we meandered through thick greens, paddy fields and on to a surreal landscape with beautiful mountains.

The beautiful landscape

One of the rock formations, a mountain called  “Pieter Both” resembled a noble watching over the island, sitting in his ceremonial chair. The children named him the Old Man of Mauritius

Pieter Both @ 820m 2nd highest peak

As we approached Trou-aux-Biches, we were greeted with the same turquoise blue that we saw from the airplane. A sense of anticipation and restlessness crept in, all fatigue way behind us.  Soon we were at our hotel, we dumped our luggage in our room, the kids grabbed on to their backpacks and we were all set to explore the island.

Our ride was waiting for us. After the paperwork was in place, a quick check of the vehicle – especially the wheels, lots of pictures and with car hire excess insurance already in place (This is a must, I usually take it from and we hit the road.

Our ride…yaaasss

We drove around Trou-aux-Biches, Mont Choisy, Grand Baie. It was a Sunday, a siesta day for Mauritians and this made it extremely difficult to find a decent restaurant that was serving a late lunch.

Driving in the north of the island

Spoke to some locals and they directed us to “Super U”. The complex, besides having a humongous supermarket houses many restaurants and a nice gelato corner. On a late Sunday afternoon in the North of Mauritius, if you want to find decent grub, this is the place. Post lunch, we went to the supermarket to stock up on some essentials. We then explored the beautiful Grand Baie and Preybere and made our way back to the Mont Choisy Beach where we spent the evening.

As the sun sets
The Mont Choisy Beach

We dined at Luigi’s, an Italian restaurant that served super wood fired pizzas, must visit if you fancy an Italian meal. Drove back to our hotel and called it a day



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