Through Italy – Orvieto, Val d’Orcia, Florence (Days 9 to 11)

Day 9

Orvieto is a walled town that sits on a flat summit of a volcanic rock between Rome and Florence. We parked our car at the car park below and took a string of escalators to reach the town. Once we reached the town, I could see why it was described as one of the most dramatic sites in Italy. We made our way through the beautiful alleys, ceramic shops and olive wood furniture studios. The town has a beautiful Duomo and good restaurants and coffee shops. After our lunch there, we strolled across the town and came to the walled area, which provide a breathtaking view of the Umbria region.


@ Orvieto
Wall @ Orvieto


Took an Elevator to the car park and we hit the road to Florence through the beautiful Tuscan landscapes of Val d’ Orcia. The drive is bafflingly beautiful. There was some rain on the way but in no way it could play a killjoy. I took the beautiful regional routes of Val d’Orcia as against the freeway. We stopped in the post card perfect Montepulciano – a small medieval town that my wife was so impressed with (not to mention this town was feature in one of those Twilight movies) that she went running through the towns clicking pictures while I guarded the car as the two had slept. We continued on our road trip passing Pienza and San quirico. We stopped for dinner at an incredible restaurant and a winery. En route to our hotel in Florence, we got a glimpse of a flood lit Florence from the magnificient Piazzalae Micheangelo


Val d’Orcia
The square @ Montepulciano

Day 10

It started to pour, so, we decided to visit the Galleria Dell’Academia to see one of Micheangelo’s most revered works. When we reached the museum, we were confronted by long que for the tickets, since this was a “spur of the moment” kind of a thing, we were unprepared. The guard there, however, decided to take us in first and we were in the gallery in no time. David, the famed jewel of Florence, really speaks of the genius of Michelangelo. After visiting the David, we exited the gallery. It had stopped pouring and there was only a light drizzle now, we decided to visit the Duomo and walk the streets of the town.



Duomo @ Forence


On our way, we came across, an electric cycle rickshaw tour of the city. The kids really wanted to go and considering the weather, it seemed like a good idea. Our guide knew Florence like the back of his hand and he was really funny. He took us to all the sights and treated us to the best coffee there. After our tour, we went to the Ponte Vecchio and Piazza della Signoria. Had dinner near the square and headed to Piazzalae Micheangelo to bring my younger son’s birthday in. It was really brisk but we had a great time and what’s better than bringing in your 3rd birthday with an ice cream in your hand over looking Florence; a priceless memory.


Our ride



Day 11

Rains again! This time around, we quickly hit the road to Castello di Verrazzano , one of the fine wineries in the Chinati wine region near Florence. After visiting the winery, we returned to Florence and took the kids to a carousel at the republic square. After that, we leisurely rounded up on all of our favourite sights, stopped for a gelato Venchi and ended our day with a birthday dinner at a café at Signoria. This was our last night in Florence.

Fun times
Happy B’day