Through Italy – Sorrento, Amalfi and Capri (Days 5 to 8)

Day 5

This day marks the start of our cross-country expedition, well, sort of. In the morning, after check ing out from our hotel, we went to Termini station to pick up our rental. After an hour, we got our car and we were on our way to Sorrento. Having heard some horror stories of driving on the south Italian freeways, I must admit, the drive was quite peaceful. After Naples the road narrows and the traffic increases but it’s not too bad. We made it to Sorrento in good time, despite many pit stops we took on the way. Our hotel in Sorrento was in a very pretty setting,  facing a cliff on one side and the town on the other. We parked our car at the hotel and walked to the main square. Sorrento is located on a cliff overlooking the gulf of Naples. It has fabulous restaurants, best limoncello and crème brulee ever, great local and upscale shopping and great views. After dinner we went for a short drive through zig zag cobblestone streets downhill and reached the harbour.


Day 6

Today, we were going to drive from Sorrento to the town of Amalfi trough the famed Amalfi coast. This drive is not for the faint-hearted as the terrain is quite difficult to navigate. But, it is surreal. Every corner we stopped had incredible views of the coast. We passed through the town of Positano, the coast’s most picturesque and photogenic town. We then made our way to the town of Amalfi, a little graceful town with a beautiful central square. After lunch at Amalfi, we were headed visit Ravello but our love for Sorrento made us change our plans. We wanted more of Sorrento since it was our last night there.


Day 7

After checking out from our hotel, we parked our car at a car park and boarded a ferry to the island of Capri. We were going to spend a night there. Our hotel room in Capri was really impressive with the balcony overlooking the blue waters of gulf. We left out luggage and took a funicular to the town of Capri from the harbour.

Capri furnicular










The luxury boutiques, patisseries, the many gelataria  all add to the plush character of this place. It is highly recommend to spent at least two nights in Capri, if you don’t mind the tramp-in-a-palace feeling. It is pretty expensive, but it is gorgeous. It has immediately gone in our journal of repeat destinations. After going around the town, we decided to take the bus to Ana Capri. Smaller and laid back compared to its more flamboyant sibling, it is no less glamorous. While walking the streets, we came across a beautiful play area where the boys had a blast. I went to a coffee shop across and grabbed some coffee for the two of us.


@ Ana Capri
@ Faro












We then visited the Capri town. It was nighttime and all the crowds had left. The island had now transformed in a very romantic location with flood lit streets and live music playing. We grabbed our dinner at a restaurant at the Piazzetta and took the bus back to our hotel.


Capri by night

Day 8

The day started early for us and we took a boat tour of the island. The sea was really choppy and I was happy and relieved that we had we opted for a skipper. On reaching the blue grotto, we learnt that due to the sea conditions it was closed. But our skipper was really good, he took us to many grottos, beaches, caves and arches. The views of the Faraglioni rocks from the sea are really something. We took a quick dip in Capri’s unfathomably blue sea. After our boat ride, we hit the beach to snorkel and he took us to the beach. We spent some there while the boys went snorkelling. After the beach, we went to our hotel for a quick shower, picked up our bag and then took the ferry back to Sorrento. We picked up our car from the car park, took the luggage from our hotel in Sorrento and hit the road. We were headed for Orvieto in the southwestern Umbria region of Italy. It was quite a peaceful drive. The sun sets is pretty late in this region making the days longer, this works well for me as I prefer to drive during the daytime. It was just about night when we reached our hotel.


Sailing through a cave
The Faraglioni rocks







@ Capri beach