A family holiday to the Alps, the Lakes, the Canals and the Rambala – Days 1 to 5


Day 1: My wife, my son and I landed in Zurich and as soon as the plane reached the parking bay and the gates opened, my son ran with his small trolley bag. My son was 1.5 years old now, wow. I remember the time I used to rush out when the plane would land, the excitement, the happiness and now, to see my son live through it is pure magic, its extraordinary. So I ran past my son and my wife and I clicked a picture. That’s how it began, my very own tradition of clicking pictures, while at the airport I have done it since. One look at these pictures and it’s like traveling back in time for me.It has been over 4 years since our trip but once glance at the picture from the airport of my wife and son and I can relive the entire trip. We grabbed our luggage, got a quick bite and got a cab. The best drives are the stretches from the airport to the hotel. Checked in, dead tired and I thought I would just CRASH, but my enthusiastic wife had other plans. In an hour’s time we were at a zoo in Forsterstrasse, looking at a peacock. A ZOO!! What’s going on here!! In hindsight, however, I thought it was the perfect start to our holiday.

All of us really enjoyed it. A great family time, afterall, spending some quality family time was the very soul of our holiday. After our boy allowed us to part from the zoo, we took a tram to Bahnhofstrasse. The Swiss transportation network is very simple, user friendly and at the same time very efficient. Our son had slept on the way so on reaching our stop, we stopped for coffee. My wife and I did this a lot in the coming days. This is by far the best memory I have of Zurich.

Day 2: We went for a cruise on the Limmat. It was mid May but it was brisk. I remember the red hoodie my son wore. He was shivering but had a huge smile on his face.  Well, he never let us get inside the cabin. We were at the gallery all the time, all three of us, shivering in cold, but smiling all the way. Once the cruise was over, we went to Bahnoffstrasse, as the wife wanted to shop. And shopping for her is actually shopping for the child and when she means shopping for the child she means showing me clothes for baby girls. While they are really adorable, for us, they are totally irrelevant since we have 2 boys!!  (we are refereeing most of the rime, trying to avert a tackle)

After “shopping”, we started to walk to the old town, cobbled streets and magnificient structures all around. We were hunting for a place called Schobber’s. They serve the best hot chocolate it seems. And when we finally found it, the shopkeeper was shutting shop for the day. He looked like he was eager to get home after a long day, greets us and rushes past.  We just stood there helpless, but the very next instance he backtracks. He lets us know that they are shut, but he doesn’t want us to leave disappointed so he opens his shop and gets some cold chocolate for us and man it was the best. Day 3: We took a train from Zurich central to the town of Lucerene. The train has a dedicated play zone and my son had a blast. The route to Lucerne is very picturesque. When we arrived, we quickly grabbed a bite at the station itself and just walked across the town. Getting some gelato on the way


Day 4: We took a train to St. Moritz. Checked in a small boutique hotel. The aroma of fresh chocolates from the hotel’s small chocolate factory lingered in and around the hotel. We went to a restaurant across the street and had cheese and wine fondue with snow clad mountains of St. Moritz in the backdrop. After lunch, we went exploring through the town. It’s an extremely pretty town. My wife clicked some awesome pictures of my son and I. After spending enough time through the town, we went for dinner. Ordered for a hunter’s platter, which is meat and veggies on a hot stone and only rock salt. I would never in my right mind order for something like this, well we did and as it turns out, it was really good. Highly recommended.

Day 5: We boarded the Bernina Express. This train essentially connects Switzerland with Italy. All the cars in the train were observation cars with large windows for an unrestricted view, we were awestruck by the sheer beauty of the surroundings. You pass through snowclad mountains through tunnels, world heritage sites and finally into the Italian fields.